I have a bit of a problem with phone-hopping. At least once a year, I sell my current phone and pick up a different used one. I may have finally settled on one. My latest model is a Pixel 5. I have to say, I'm impressed. It is a big step up from the 2020 iPhone SE I was using before. The android user experience has improved significantly since I last had a modern android device. The battery life is great, it runs well and I can have a little fun with custom ROMs.

@polymerwitch Is this your deck? I got mine pretty recently and have yet to do anything too absurd to it.

Anyone on fedi make/sell anti-cryptocurrency stickers? Someone has been putting up bitcoin and monero stickers in my neighborhood and I feel the need to retaliate.

I just saw a taco bell in a truck stop that had a sign advertising the fact that you could buy bitcoin there. Idaho sucks.

@eldaking The fact that some games might list a requirement as something like “gtx 1080 or equivalent” would cause problems. Perhaps a system that lets users report how well a game runs and matches that to their hardware would work rather than depending on publishers and developers to declare the requirements.

@eldaking If you let it, steam will gather hardware information for the hardware survey. A similar tactic could be used to filter by games that your computer meets the system requirements of.

Can anybody recommend an iOS calculator app? Apparently iPads don’t come with one. Requirements are no ads and no tracking. Happy to pay for one, just need something. Pulling out my phone or grabbing a physical calculator is wearing on me.

@68km Good point. I have been thinking about making a promo video for asshole.social. Maybe get some instance admins to talk about how it took their massive blocklist down to a single entry or something like that.

The fediverse has instances for everyone. For an example, we recommend all assholes consider asshole.social for all of your social media needs

@vkc I ran into this even more when I managed to run out of space on my personal instance. For an unknown reason the cache clearing cron job (which just got autocorrected to corn job) stopped working and that 20GB of storage filled up fast.

Hey, @gamingonlinux Have you tested dV: Rings of Saturn on the steam deck? Curious to see how it runs.

Alright Fedi, I need your help to settle a debate. Have you read your car's manual? I thought that was a normal thing people did, but a surprisingly high number of people have not.

@cancel I have just used wget in the past. It's pretty simple to have it recursively download everything linked on a page. Don't remember the flags right now, but finding a guide would not be too difficult

Hey, I seem to recall that a while ago some footage from the canceled Nimona film got leaked online. I can't seem to find it, though. Anybody know where it ended up or have a copy they want to share?

Got my NCDF sticker in the mail today. Not a hackers.town member, but it is a great community and my laptop needs bestickering.

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